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Since by the time you read this it will be November, I think it's appropriate to talk about gratitude. It's a subject that's been in the headlines. As it turns out, there is scientific research that shows that having an attitude of gratitude improves our health. In fact, the research further indicates that in addition to the health benefits, gratitude also enhances well-being in our personal and social lives (http://emmons.faculty.ucdavis.edu). In any case, I guess it can't hurt to express a little gratitude.

In a video message to the AFL-CIO Convention on Labor Day in 2013, President Obama said, "Thank you for all you have done for decades on behalf of the working men and women of America. This country owes you a debt of gratitude for your efforts to make sure that everyone who works hard has a chance to get ahead, whether they are in a union or not."

I am in complete agreement with that statement. We owe a debt of gratitude to organized labor, to those who have gone before us to secure an eight-hour workday, better pay, workplace safety, health care and retirement benefits--just a few things we are fortunate enough to take for granted. A debt of thanks is owed to our own Local's past members who went to bat then to help garner the jobs, wages and benefits we have now. We should also express gratitude to the management of Central Hudson, past and present, who have not only made the decisions that make Central Hudson one of the best employers in the Hudson Valley, but who have also shown the wisdom to continue to have Local 320 as their primary workforce.

The following is a screenshot of a recent Facebook post:

Sean Johnson Facebook screenshot

Thank you, Sean. We're grateful to have members like you!

So, Brothers and Sisters, let's focus on the good things...at least for the month of November. I challenge you, for one month, to take a few minutes at the end of the day, and reflect on three things that happened for which you are grateful. Or, select one person at work this month to whom you can write a letter/e-mail detailing the reasons you are thankful to him/her. It can't hurt, and who knows, maybe your new attitude of gratitude will improve your overall well-being!

Work Safe, Be Strong, Stay United,

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