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February Edition


New OSHA Guidelines for PPE

New Tyndale Lightweight Canvas Pant

New Women's Sizes Available

Tyndale on the Road

U250T Discontinued

Cotton Shortage

Tyndale Stock Position


Here is the latest edition of the Tyndale Times!  Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your business!


New OSHA Specifications for PPE

On February 10, 2011, OSHA issued a document that includes new specifications for Personal Protective Equipment.  The guide provides information and enforcement guidance to support OSHA's inspection efforts in general industry employment.  The following is a summary of significant changes:

  • Clarifies the type of PPE employers must provide to employees, when employers must pay for or replace it, and when cases arise where employers are not required to pay for PPE.
  • Clarifies the PPE payment requirements for PPE worn off the jobsite, for PPE that must remain at the jobsite, and for all employee-owned PPE.
  • Offers enforcement policies that reflect court and review commission decisions concerning PPE.
  • Provides guidance that allows employers to use PPE constructed in accordance with the most recent national consensus standards. 

"Body protection is required of employees who face potential bodily injury of any kind that cannot be eliminated through engineering, work practice or administrative controls while performing their jobs."

Click the link below to view the document in its entirety dated February 10, 2011:

Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment

New Tyndale Lightweight Canvas Pant

In stock now and ready to be added to programs, Tyndale's NEW lightweight FR Canvas Pant (M295T) is ready to be added to programs immediately.  The M295T Canvas Pant is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.  It's engineered to match the look and feel of your most comfortable everyday wear!

  • Fabric: 9oz FRMC® Lightweight Canvas
  • Made in the USA
  • Triple-Needle Seam Construction
  • Cell Phone and Utility Pocket
  • Leg Openings Fit Over Work Boots
  • Available Color: Khaki
  • Arc Rating: 15.7 / HRC: 2
  • Available Sizes:
    • Waist: 30" through 36" all / 38" through 60" even
    • Inseam: 28" through 34" all / 36" and Unhemmed  

To add the M295T to your program, contact your National Account Manager today!

New Women's Sizes Available

Tyndale cares about your feedback!  We have now expanded our size range on women's shirts to meet your needs. Tyndale is now offering select women's shirts in size 2XL!  These items are available to order now for April 2011 delivery. 

Please contact your Regional Account Manager if you would like to add one of these products to your program.

Item Number





Women’s Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, FRMC®



Women’s Long Sleeve Polo Shirt, FRMC®



Women’s Long Sleeve Henley Shirt, FRMC®



Women’s Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Ultra Soft®

 Tyndale's popular M113T is now available in a broader size range!

Tyndale on the Road

Throughout 2011, Tyndale will be attending several safety events and trade shows.  We hope that you will come out and see us if we're going to be in your area.  Here are a few highlights for the coming months to mark on your calendars:

IBEW Utility Conference: March 9-11, 2011 (Washington, DC)

Come meet some of our National Account Managers at this annual utility conference!

ASSE Safety Expo: June 13-15, 2011 (Chicago, IL)

Tyndale's President, Rob Whittenberger, will be offering a lecture on combustible dust, industry standards, and protecting workers with FR clothing.  Don't miss it!

VPPPA Conference: August 29-September 1 (New Orleans, LA)

Can't be in Chicago in June?  Join Rob for his presentation on combustible dust and worker protection in August in New Orleans!

U250T Discontinued

Tyndale has recently discontinued the U250T and the U253T.  We will continue filling orders until our inventory is gone.  For programs where the U250T and the U253T have been approved, Tyndale will automatically ship the replacement products once the U250T and the U253T are no longer available.  Tyndale still carries many U250T and U253T sizes in stock. 

A comparable replacement is available to be added to programs:

Discontinued Item

Discontinued Description

Replacement Item

Replacement Item Notes


(Many Sizes Still Available)

Industrial Full Cut Work Pant


Imported by Reed


(Many Sizes Still Available)

Women’s Industrial Full Cut Work Pant


Imported by Reed (for Delivery in May)

We are confident that these replacement products offer comparable quality and functionality to the U250T and the U253T.  If you have any questions about this recent change, please contact your National Account Manager. 

Cotton Shortage Causes Supply Chain Reaction

Due to historically bad cotton crops in primary cotton-farming countries such as China, Australia, and Pakistan--in addition to rising commodity prices--prices for cotton have more than doubled in the past six months to a post-Civil War high of $1.81 a pound.  Poor weather, including heavy rains and flooding, are primarily to blame for the poor yield in 2010.  The Wall Street Journal reports that analysts are concerned that global cotton supplies will fall behind this year's demand.  As a result, experts expect that retail clothing prices will rise between 10%-25% this spring. 

The cotton shortage has resulted in delivery delays across the supply chain.  Fabric mills are now experiencing difficulty delivering in a timely manner.  Tyndale is responding to the global cotton shortage by proactively communicating with our entire supply chain to ensure that you receive the garments you need, when you need them.  We are doing everything in our power to mitigate the impact on our end users.  Unfortunately, some delays may be unavoidable.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tyndale Stock Position

At Tyndale, we understand the importance of timely delivery on the clothing that keeps you safe.  The following items currently have temporarily depleted stock levels.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We are actively working to replenish stock on these items as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions or would like to request a new item for your program, please contact your National Account Manager.


Item Number Color Description Tyndale In-Stock Possible Replacement
N170B GBL LS Button Down Shirt 4.5oz Nomex M110T-LBL, NVY
J100B DNM Denim Work Shirt 7oz Excel U180T
N040B TAN Lightweight Pullover Shirt 6oz Nomex Knit M020T/M060T
K530B NVY Insulated Bib Overall w/ Zippers 7oz Comfortouch N/A
K430B NVY Insulated Bib Overall w/ Zippers 7oz Comfortouch N/A
N640B NVY Lined Bomber Jacket 5oz Nomex U669T-NVY
N629B NVY Vest Jacket Liner Nomex N/A


Item Number Color Description Tyndale In-Stock Possible Replacement
K195C KHA Carhartt Work Shirt 6oz Cotton Blend U180T-KHA
K190C KHA Button Down Work Shirt 7oz Cotton Blend U190T-LBL
J290C DNM Work Jean 11.75oz Cotton Duck F290T
J295C BRN Duck Work Jeans 13oz Cotton U290T
K290C NVY Loose Fit Canvas Jean 8.5oz Canvas M235T
K230C DNM Relaxed Fit Denim Jean 14.75oz Cotton Blend U290T
J530C NVY Lined Duck Coverall w/ Leg Zip 13oz Cotton Duck N/A
J500C NVY Unlined Duck Bib Overall w/ Leg Zip 13oz Duck U500T
K215C NVY Canvas Cargo Pant U215T
K615C BRN All Season Jacket 13oz Cotton Blend U669T
K670C NVY, BRN Quilted Duck Jacket FR Cotton N/A
J640C NVY, BRN Lined Duck Bomber Jacket 13oz Duck N/A
J650C NVY, RBN Insulated Chore Coat 13oz Duck U655T


Item Number Color Description Tyndale In-Stock Possible Replacement
M110T KHA LS Button Down Shirt 7oz FRMC® M110T-LBL, NVY
U190T KHA, NVY LS Button Down Shirt 7oz Ultra Soft® U190T-LBL
M043T LBL Women's LS Polo 7oz FRMC® M063T-LBL
F720T NVY Zip Front Sweatshirt 14oz FRMC® F724T-NVY
F700T NVY Hooded Sweatshirt 14oz FRMC® F700T-GRY, ORG
U690T BRN, NVY Insulated Vest 11oz Ultra Soft® N/A
U675T NVY, BRN Insulated Active Jacket 11oz Ultra Soft® N/A
U660T ORG, NVY Hooded Jacket 9oz Ultra Soft® N/A

Note: Carhartt and Bulwark are continuing to experience significant backorders.  An initial shipment of Carhartt inventory will reduce some of the backorders, but slow delivery is expected to continue until April-May for many orders.  Contact your National Account Manager to add a replacement item to your program for immediate delivery.