Message From the President

Dear Members,

We have the holidays approaching us at a fast pace. The work that our members have been doing is equally fast paced. We are still dealing with a pandemic that just won't let its grip go of the Union, the Community, or the Country. I don't have to tell you that this is a terrible distraction that we are all struggling with. A distraction that is detrimental to the safety of our members. With the looming questions about mandates for vaccines, the country is moving forward with federal mandates set forth by the President. It has yet to be determined how this will affect our membership. I implore all of you to stay focused on the job at hand and we'll deal with whatever comes our way. The outside forces that have divided our population are great, but safety and looking out for one another needs to remain our centered focus.

As you all know, the company has implemented a new operating system called SAP. This has flipped our contact center and the accounting department upside down. Changing from an operating system that was in place for nearly 40 years is no easy task for any organization. I have reached out to some of our sister locals that have gone through the same transition with the same product. None have gone perfectly and as planned and all have deaalt with similar problems. There are nearly daily discussions on how the transition is moving forward. I want to thank all the members that have come in from field jobs to help with the backlog of customer issues. The contact center and accounting departments are dealing with mandated overtime and a workload that we have never seen before. Our customers are our business and I appreciate all everyone is doing to get us to our new normal in the future. Stay the course, be patient, try not to get frustrated. By all means take care of yourselves and continue to look out for each other.

I do hope that everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season. I know everyone is looking forward to some down time with family and friends. Myself included.

Yours in solidarity,

Your President,

Mike Fasolino

Semper Fi

Mike Fasolino
President & Business Manager
IBEW Local 320

2022 IBEW Local 320 Student Achievement Award

The application for the 2022 IBEW Local 320 Student Achievement Award is now available. The application is due on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022.

2022 Annual Clambake

The 2022 annual clambake will be held at Rifton Recreation Center on Saturday, September 10th! Purchase a ticket from shop stewards for $20.00.

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Union Office, Poughkeepsie Stewards Meeting
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