2014 Softball Team

Ok so..... We went 3-1 this year (our best showing yet). On Saturday, we went 3-0 in our bracket. We beat Local 35 - Hartford by a score of 10-9. It was a back and forth game that we thankfully came out on top. Then we beat Local 3 Interboro - NYC by a score of 28-4 in 5 innings. The bats woke up this game. Then we finished the day by beating Local 325 - Binghamton by a score of 24-1. This was the most fun game. Not because of the score but because we had a lot of laughs with our brothers from Binghamton. On Sunday, we lost to Local 380 - Norristown, PA by a score of 14-11. We had a tough game and could get the key play to put us on top. Unfortunately, Sunday is single elimination so with that loss, our weekend was over. We had a lot of fun when we weren't playing softball, spending time at restaurants/bars, enjoying each others company outside of work. All in all, it was a great weekend. Next year, we hope to exceed our previous years with a tournament championship